You should know this about lent

Lenten Season Starting
A Very Short Message about the Lenten Season. A Short information and reflection regarding Lenten Season.
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Do you not yet understand?

Catholic Mass Reflection February 13, 2024
6th Week in Ordinary Time 13th February 2024 (Tuesday) Psalter: Week 2 Reading of the Day First Reading:
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Discovering Authority: A Modern Leadership

Unveiling Authority A Divine Power Beyond Ordinary!
Explore the crucial importance of spiritual and moral authority, transcending mere legal power, for every follower of Christ.
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Pope to Catholic universities

Explore the profound insights from Pope Francis as he reflects on 100 years of Catholic Universities' growth, emphasizing peace, fraternity, and the essential role of education in building a culture
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Repent and Relive for God’s Kingdom

Repent and Relive for God's Kingdom
Explore the power of repentance in obtaining grace and salvation. Join the journey from Jesus' call to the depth of true repentance.
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