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Dear Brothers and Sister,

Happy for you interest in knowing about us. And we always thank God for your presence here in this website for daily gospel reflections

We are a group of Catholic Religious brothers and priests who have the greatest desire and wish to share the word of God to all the people. At present we are doing our Biblical studies (theology) in India. 

The daily reflections are written by Fr.Thumma Mariadas Reddy MSFS. He is a zealous catholic priest, a man of integrity, he is so passionate in preaching not only by words but also in deeds. His reflections are inspiring and thought provoking. Catholic leaf presents to you his reflections with his official permission. If the content is presented in other website, it may be without our knowledge.

About Catholic Leaf

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Catholic Leaf is a long awaited project in sharing the message of Christ to the nations. Here in Catholic Leaf, we provide gospel reflections for everyday according to our liturgical cycles. We make sure that we updated the best content for you in your spiritual journey as christian.

Catholic Leaf is for the people of all kind who wants to be in touch with the gospel of Christ. A Priest can use catholic leaf as a tool for preparing your inspiring homilies for you faithful. An individual or a laity can use it for your spiritual nourishment.

When the reflections are updated

We make sure that the weekday readings and reflections are updated atleast before two day of the proper day. For Example, Wednesday readings and reflections will be updated by Monday on or before 6:00 AM

We will updated the Sunday Reflections by Thursday on or before 9:00 PM.  

May God bless you !!! Stay always Blessed !!! 

If you have any queries regarding the blog, please feel free to contact us through our contact page or you can directly mail us through samcatholicleaf@gmail.com.